• Humble Beginnings

    Christ the King International School (CTKIS); founded with the motto “That all may be one”; began its journey in the educational realm on 31st January, 1956 with six pupils.

    As many catholic expatriates working with the various embassies & international institutions put forward their need for an international school for their kids, the Accra Catholic Diocese listened to their plea with much enthusiasm. The M i s s i o n a r y S i s t e r s Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) were therefore tasked w i t h t h e b u i l d i n g a n d administration of the Christ T h e K i n g I n t e r n a t i o n a l School by Father Leslie Hatfeld (SVD) ; who was then the General Manager of Catholic Schools.

  • Barely three months after, the numbers increased to thirteen as some Ghanaians also wanted their kids to benefit from obtaining basic catholic education from an international school. This therefore created the need to relocate to properly built classrooms. 

    Subsequently, three extra classrooms were completed and inaugurated on 28 October, 1956 through a loan obtained from the parish, and repayment made after a year. Getting into 1957, the number of pupils had doubled in the region of fifties; majority coming from other countries.

    In January, 1960 Father Anthony Bauer was transferred to take over the administration of the Christ The King International School; as Father Hatfield had been reassigned to the English/Irish Province of the society of the Divine Word as its Regional Supervisor. During that era, Sister Francetta Kunkel (SSpS) was made responsible for the growth, general welfare and development of the school.

    As time went on, there was a need for other classroom blocks to be erected as Christ The King International School grew. The sources of funds for the construction were mainly through the meager saving of the school, donations from friends and relatives of the SSps sisters, as well as their Congregation. The Sisters were then residing at St. Mary’s Convent; K o r l e G o n n o a n d commuting to the school to teach.

    In February 1961, Sister Francetta and her team ensured Christ The King International School opened its doors to a fully furnished kindergarten; filled with children of various nationalities… excited to explore basic learning and activities together. It is quite interesting to note that the first set of Common Entrance Examination pupils; numbering seven who undertook the exams in 1961, all came out with flying colours!

    Further down the line, Sister Francetta was reassigned to St.Theresa’s School, North Kaneshie. Sister Lauretta (SSps from the Netherlands), was subsequently made in charge of Christ The King International School and she continued assiduously towards the expansion of the classroom blocks. She was later succeeded by Sisters… Virginalis (SSps from Netherlands), Godfreda (SSps from Filipino) and Gerard (SSps from USA) who stayed for a year each only.

    During the tenure of Father Harold Lauck (SVD) as parish priest the Sisters had relocated to the front part of Christ The King International School (where the Common room is now). A school uniform; yellow in colour, was introduced by Sister Godfreda.

    In 1970, Sister Bernharda Prokesch (from Austria) was appointed to take charge of the school. During her tenure the school uniform was amended to maroon and white. She also changed her name to Sister Maria (her baptismal name). Rev. Father Maurice Lesage (SVD), a retired Biology teacher from Achimota School was the parish priest during her era. He was nicknamed “The Snake Father” as he kept a variety of snakes. In 1977, Sister Maria was transferred to Madonna School located in Koforidua; after completion of the post common entrance classroom blocks.

    Sister Mary Laureen Lahnai replaced Sister Maria as the headmistress of Christ The King International School in 1977. Prior to her appointment, Sister Mary Laureen had taught Class one pupils from 1973 (year of joining) for three years running and thereafter was made Assistant Headmistress. Consequently, Mrs. Patricia Quaidoo was appointed the assistant to Sister Laureen in 1977.

    In due course, Christ The King International School grew from strength to strength; with students graduating with top honors year after year. This was attributed to the excellent teamwork which existed between Sister Mary Laureen and Mrs. Quiadoo; working hand in hand to ensure the school was well-placed on the map of excellence. They also saw to the adoption of the Junior Secondary School Scheme. The Home science room was also built. Rev. Father Amos Fredericks (SVD), a retired Headmaster of Pope John’s Secondary School, was the parish priest during their era and he was later replaced by Rev. Father Martin Wels (SVD).

    As time went on, construction began for the JSS block, but this was not completed before Sister Mary Laureen left in 1989; after she had been appointed as the SSpS Provincial for Ghana. Sister Mary Zwerina (SSpS from Austria) took charge of the running of Christ The King International School from 1989 but had to quit after a few years after for medical reasons. Consequently, in 1998, Mrs. Patricia Quaidoo was appointed the Headmistress of the school.

    During the administration of Christ The King International School under the SSpS, catechism classes were prepared not only for the Christ The King International School children but also for other catholic children who were not attending the school. Those were memorable moments as the school choir; with their angelic voices, sung their hearts out during the sacrament of First Communion and Confirmation celebrations. In addition, during Corpus Christi processions only a limited number of congregants stayed but with the encouragement of Sister Mary Laureen and Mrs. Quiadoo the school children got involved with the procession; thus motivating parents to partake as well.

    At some point when the annual Christmas play was also introduced, the Christ The King International School kids were inundated with the Christmas spirit year after year! The duo did well in helping to enact the CTK hall by getting parents to annually hand out Harvest donations towards its establishment. Rev. Father Stephen Adu-Kwaning was the Parish priest during that era and he did his utmost best to support.

    The Sisters of the “Handmaids of the Divine Redeemer” (HDR) subsequently took over from them afterwards. Sister Vincentia Mensah was the first HDR appointed as the headmistress in 2008. She commenced the renovation of the Kindergarten block, re-roofing of some of the deteriorated school buildings and ensured the Computer laboratory was set up for the school children. Father Prince Adelaayitar was then the parish priest of Christ the King and he left no stone unturned to assist in the development of the projects. In 2009, when Father Prince went for further studies abroad, Rev. Father Andrew Campbell took over as parish priest till date. He has been ultimately involved in the progress of the school and passionate about the inculcation of the Catholic faith in the school children.

    In 2012, Sister Jesse Quist was the next HDR in whose hands the school was entrusted. She continued with the infrastructural developments commenced by her predecessor. In addition she took advantage of the prominence of Information Communications Technology and motivated teachers to create Parent/Teacher Whatsapp groups in order to give frequent feedback of the kids’ performance to their parents.

    In a nutshell, the HDR Sisters were also significantly involved in the growth, success and development of CTKIS by devoting all their energies in making sure the school continued to be placed on the map of excellence. When the appointment of Sister Jesse was up, Mrs. Veronica Laryea was then chosen to be the next headmistress in 2016 and has been acting in that capacity till date.

    We cannot complete the history of CTKIS without acknowledging all the academic and non-academic staff who have patiently been giving good quality education to our children for the past 60 years. We say


    Honourable mention also goes to Mrs. Patience Tagoe, who has been a dedicated teacher at the school for the past twenty six years; thereby the current longest serving academic staff in the school.