General Rules and Regulations

  • Visits To The School

    Parents and guardians are not permitted to visit the classrooms during school hours except on Open Days.

    All complaints/report and request from parents on issues concerning their children/ward, teacher or school in general must be addressed to the Head teacher or Assistant Head teachers who will take the necessary action.


    No pupil or students shall absent themselves from classes, examinations or school functions without specific permission.
    Children may not be picked up by parents on account of ill health without permission from the head teacher.
    Parents who wish to take their children out of school for any reason must bring a note to the school and personally sign out their children. Children may not leave the school premises without the above procedures being followed.

  • Safety

    For safety reasons, children are not allowed to bring glass containers to school. All drinks and food should be in plastic containers.


    All children will be required to submit a medical report on admission to the school for the first time. Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell. Parents or guardians of pupils or students, who are unable to attend school because of ill health, must seek permission from their class teacher. It is advisable for parents to keep a child at home and notify the school immediately if it becomes known that the child has contracted any of the infectious disease such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, cough or cold.


    Children are not permitted to bring money to school and any money brought to school will be confiscated.

    If for any reason money must be brought to school, parents or guardians will be informed by the school in a letter.

    If parents and guardians send money to the school for any other reason, this should be put in an envelope and accompanied by a letter explaining why.

    Money found on children/wards without the above will be seized.

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